Integrated Eye Tracking Solutions


Eye Tracking is one way CRG Global, Inc. (CRG) has distinguished ourselves from our competition. CSS/datatelligence has recruited and retained experienced industry professionals committed to Eye Tracking research method development and we continually invest in upgrading our technology to provide our clients with state-of-the-art research.

Eye Tracking provides real-time and precise data on what consumers look at, and what they do not look at; something no other methodology on its own can provide. When used appropriately, Eye tracking adds essential benefits and insight to consumer research. Knowing what consumers are seeing is crucial to ensuring the effectiveness of any communication effort. The use of eye tracking in an integrated research program will deliver an objective measure of the consumers’ attention to and cognition of numerous types of stimuli.

Eye tracking methods have been employed to study human behavior for years. With the advancement in technology, eye tracking has become a method of choice in marketing research studies testing print, package, video & digital messages, design, and placement. Incorporating eye tracking data into a Package, POP/POS, Shelf Set, or mobile device study will elevate the effectiveness of traditional methods by capturing consumers’ conscious and unconscious response to visual stimuli and provide deeper consumer insight and understanding.

Eye Tracking brings another dimension to understanding how marketing elements perform with consumers. CSS/datatelligence will assist your team in identifying optimization opportunities.


  • What consumers see on the shelf amidst an array of competitive offerings
  • How engaged consumers are
  • How much focused attention consumers give your brand, package,
point of sale material, advertisements or website

To assist marketing teams of client or supplier companies in learning more about the validity of Eye Tracking data to evaluate human behavior, user experiences and consumer responses, providing insight to significantly reduce the risk of business decision making, our senior marketing research team offers a half day Eye Tracking workshop at no charge.

CSS/datatelligence has developed and implements the most intricately detailed eye tracking protocols. We operate with global market leading eye tracking software and hardware, employ identified best practices in emotion and neuroscience research, and technological innovations. We have designed our 12 strategically located Eye Tracking labs to provide you with highest level of credibility, reliability and accountability.

Not all marketing research or usability issues can be addressed using a single methodology. Our PhD. Psychologists will consult with you on design, analysis and reporting to the level of your needs. We offer qualitative and quantitative Eye Tracking methods for:

Research Service Solutions

CSS/datatelligence will provide a component or full service research solution to assist with your marketing research or usability study. All of the researchers on our dedicated Eye Tracking Team are committed to providing prompt, cost efficient and accurate solutions uniquely responsive to client needs.


  • Proposal design
  • Workshop and trainings
  • Development of eye tracking methods


  • Related to eye tracking
  • Eye tracking questionnaires and tasks


  • Eye tracking and consultancy
  • Fieldwork data collection assistance


  • Eye tracking processing
  • Eye tracking data analysis
  • Exploratory analysis


  • Brief PowerPoint presentation
  • Extensive PowerPoint presentation
  • Full written report
  • Result presentation
  • In-person or WebEx presentation